" Observant Beekeeping "

 Observant Beekeeping

" A simple approach to Hobby Beekeeping. "

“ The bees are the teachers , and , if we are observant ,
we are the students. “

Bees are no so different from many species -
if provided with a warm and dry shelter ,
and enough ventilation and food.
They will live very well.

The first thing a newbee is told is to join a Local Bee Club ,
and at the first meeting they attend they are overwhelmed with
stories of bees dying and the use of chemicals to treat for
disease and pests. Not to mention all the conflicting ideas
of how to keep bees.

But of course , before that first bee meeting , the newbee
has spent countless hours reading beekeeping books and watching
videos put out by " expert " beekeepers. They attend that first
bee meeting full of enthusiasm , with all the good intentions of
being the best beekeepers they can be. And they come away more
confused than ever , not knowing where to turn for advice.

This is why I put together my booklet - OBSERVANT BEEKEEPING ,
to help the newbee sort out all the information that is out there.

" Everything a newbee would need to know in the first year of beekeeping. "

A simple approach to Hobby Beekeeping.

For all your beekeeping needs.

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It takes 2.6 million floral visits to produce 1 lb. of honey.
100 million flowers will only produce about 50 lbs. of honey ,
not enough food for one honeybee colony to survive for one season.
To help the honeybees we need to plant a lot more flowers.