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" Bee Supplies for the Hobbyist Beekeeper.


Hive Equipment

 outer cover

Outer Cover with Metal Top - $ 27.50 CAD
Metal top is removable for painting.

 inner cover

Inner Cover with Feeder Hole and upper entrance - $ 17.50 CAD

 bee escape

Quebec Style Bee Escape - $ 17.50 CAD


Supers - unassembled - Eastern Pine
Premuim Quality - finger joint
Standard 10 frame Super - $ 20.00 CAD
Medium 10 frame Super   - $ 18.00 CAD

 metal frame rest

Metal Frame Rest - $ 0.75 CAD

 metal queen excluder

Metal Bound Queen Excluder - $ 12.50 CAD

 solid bottom board

Solid Bottom Board - $ 17.50 CAD

 screened bottom board

Screened Bottom Board with slider - $ 32.50 CAD
Heavy Duty 2 x 4 construction .
Galvanized screen .

Mouse Guard


Mouse Guard/Entrance Reducer   - $ 5.00 CAD
Made out of galvanized metal .
Trim with tin snips to fit bottom board.
Can also be used as a transportation screen.

Pollen Trap

Pollen Trap - $ 25.00 CAD
Hangs over front entrance. Best to install early
in the morning before the foragers leave the hive,
so they can orient to the new look of the entrance.
When they return to the hive , they squeeze through
the holes in the trap and the pollen falls off into
the collection tray. Remove after all the bees are home.

Propolis Trap

Propolis Mat - $ 12.00 CAD
Place on top of super under lid. Tilt lid slightly.
Bees fill in slots to block the light. Once full,
place in freezer and twist to remove propolis.

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Prices effective January 1 , 2019
Subject to change without Notice.

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